About Fred

Hey there! I'm Fred and I'm fed up with all the misconceptions and myths regarding horses and horse training. My drawing person has gathered a group of people, most with a background in professional traditional or 'natural' training. Some of them are vet behaviourists, ecologists, psychologists, zoologists, and most of them train horses with troubled pasts. They come from all over the world: the USA, United Kingdom, Irland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia.. it's an incredible group of very knowledgable and experienced people. 

Together we stand for the Humane Hierarchy (Friedmann), for training founded in science, ruled by ethics, for empathy and self reflection. FuF stands for enriching and empowering a horse's life, for putting their needs before our pleasures.

Fed Up Fred does not promote one method, nor do we tell you to set your horse loose in the wild. Fed Up Fred promotes a new lifestyle, mindset, set of principles applicable to every human-animal relationship. From this, a lot of positive methods have emerged and there are millions more to be discovered and explored.

We don't believe in gaining success by bringing others down. We do, however, believe that people won't change their game if they can't or won't see what's wrong with it. This is why we chose lampooning. Satire is a fantastic tool in that it allows educated comics to assist the audience in seeing the flaws of equestrianism. Satire will inspire some, and offend others. Such is life. It's not easy to have a mirror held up with the ugly parts of our humanity reflected back but sometimes it remains the only path to take.