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Horsepeople be like…

Goodbye, Toby

Sure, I know some people just cannot afford to keep two horses. But this excuse is used way too much, and often for the wrong, selfish reasons:

Goodbye Toby

Horses Owe Us Nothing

“A horse that isn’t ridden is wasted”
“A horse doesn’t do something it doesn’t like/want to do”
“A horse needs to earn his keep”

These statements are just so… I… I don’t even… Let’s just say they deserve more than one cartoon.

“I think the horse “earned his keep” when we took away their freedom from them. They owe us nothing.” I could not have said it better, Emelie Boss! Thank you 🙂

Here’s a blogpost by Hippologic

IF you want to treat your horse as an “employee”, then you should at least “pay” them with something they can directly associate with your presence. In stead of telling them you pay the bills, or jokingly ask whether your horse would like to live on the streets in stead.

Horses Owe Us Nothing

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