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Ooh Girl, Shock Me Like an Electric Alpha

That's so silly! The Zippety Zapper doesn't even exist! It might as well though. Some people tend to buy anything that will be effective, especially with the promise of respect and obedience. And there are people out there who use electric shocks on dogs and horses. Lots of bizarre things are perfectly normal in the animal training world.

And then there's the idea that horses "respect" electric fences. Here's what I think about what respect means and looks like. 

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Reward versus relief

You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means part 1: Reward VS Relief

Technically, a reward is a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. In psychology, it's any pleasant event that follows a response and therefore increases the likelihood of the response recurring in the future. In order to positively reinforce a behaviour and make it a pleasant experience for the horse you have to ADD something pleasant for the horse (i.e. a good long scratch, a food reward) in stead of SUBSTRACTING something unpleasant (i.e. release from aversive pressure, a break from hard work). The learner decides what’s positively reinforcing, therefore the horse gets to choose the reward. 

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No, I don’t think riding is cruel. But..

Hey there! Nope, not a member of PETA either. I’M WORSE THAN PETA! 

Did I send all the prejudiced and ignorant peeps running? Good. Now we can talk.

No, I don’t think (proper, force free, +R) riding is cruel. But I also don’t think we should teach kids that riding is the only cool thing you can do with horses. That you haven’t lived until you have ridden. That you aren’t a true horse(wo)man if you don’t ride or haven’t ridden. Just think about it. Almost all the little horse figurines are included with a handler holding a whip (in my country, at least). Almost all the little children’s books about farm animals and horses show horses carrying a saddle and often wearing a bit (unless they are shown talking) as well. It’s the wrong message. People tend to think horses need to be ridden because that is the way they are taught to look at horses from a very young age. Recently, a friend told me she sometimes considers selling her youngest mare because she feels like she is wasting the mare’s potential. What? I asked her whether she would send her Beagle to the UK as well because he would make a good hunting dog (please don’t start a discussion about hunting, that isn’t the point today (but yes, hunting is cruel *flies away*)). She laughed and realized she was talking nonsense. The mare was perfectly happy: met in all her natural primary needs and getting regular exercise with lots of games to keep things fun. So what if she isn’t being ridden all that often? She doesn’t care, trust me.


Another thing about teaching kids riding is [all there is] / [the best thing] about horses, is that they will start to feel entitled. They will start saying things like “The horse needs to earn its keep”, or “I do SO much for that horse and ask SO little!”, and “If he didn’t want to be ridden, he shouldn’t have been born a horse.” I bet they don’t even realize what it is they are actually saying.

I guess I felt the need to make a FuF response to the cute Dana’s Doodle cartoon, and the message is the following: You don’t have to conform. You don’t have to ride. Do something with your horse that you BOTH enjoy. If riding is part of that, good! If it isn’t, change something or don’t ride (for a while). Horses have more to offer than transportation. Much more. And we owe them more than they owe us. Don’t agree? Go buy a bicycle.

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“Funny” viral videos showing animals in distress need to stop going viral. People telling you to shut up and “just enjoy the video” need to follow a course on animal ethology, behavior, emotions and body language.

Double standards need to stop as well.

This is called weaving, not dancing. Please make sure your horse spends plenty of time outdoors with friends and forage to prevent vices.

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