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Violence isn’t the answer

..unless the victim doesn’t speak up of course. And when he does, we make him shut up with even more violence. And this is what kids are taught. Not cool.

We’re all horse lovers until we become equestrians: Kids are desensitized to using force and punishment on animals, and slowly learn to mute that little voice that tells them it isn’t okay.

After that has happened and the kid has grown up, it is pretty much too late because by now.. that person gets reinforced every time a horse responds to aversive pressure.

If others try to make this person listen to that little voice again, she starts kicking and screaming due to that oh so powerful cognitive dissonance. And because deep down, she knows she’s wrong.

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Charlie Bit Me

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Sh*t runs downhill, FEI

Shit runs downhill, so if our esteemed dressage rider and show jumpers are accepted with such bad practices, what can we expect for private horse owners?

‘Breathtaking View’

Breathtaking View (Rollkur)

‘Blood is cruel, unless..’

FEI rules

‘No blood, no problem.’

No Blood No Problem

‘The Pony Club Kick’

Pony Club Kick (Forced & Bound)

‘That Will Shut You Up’

That Will Shut You Up

‘Totilas VS Undercover’

Totilas VS Undercover